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Yoga has spread its wings all over the world and numerous yoga enthusiasts have begun to enjoy yoga retreats in Italy. Starlim recommends and supports going on yoga retreats to Misano Adriatico.

Misano is a seaside town and has some wonderful beaches where you can enjoy the beaches and also your yoga retreat.

Why yoga retreats in Italy - Yoga Mea

Yoga retreats in Italy are one of the best ways to get in touch with yoga and also have a wellness holiday in the sunny environs of Italy among some of the most stunning beaches. At these yoga retreats you learn all about living in harmony with nature and more importantly building harmony between your body, mind and spirit. The soothing rhythm of the sea, as you meditate on the beach or practice your yoga adds to the aura of yoga and can have a restorative effect on your health.

Yoga Retreats in Italy - Yoga Mea School

YogaMea retreats in Italy

YogaMea has fully qualified yoga instructors and you can take a break from your hectic work schedule and go on one of their spiritual and meditation yoga retreats. Yoga retreats are meant to help you restore your energies so you will feel totally rejuvenated. During the summer YogaMea hosts their yoga retreats on the Adriatic coast where you can enjoy the yoga sessions on the beach. They also conduct yoga retreats and sessions at an ancient monastery where you can indulge in a full immersion in complete silence. Starlim collaborates with YogaMea so you can enrol in yoga retreats in Italy in advance to ensure your yoga retreat is booked.

Activity Daily Schedule
07:30 Hatha Yoga Class
09:30 Breakfast
11:00 swim, city tour, shopping etc.
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Yoga Class
07:30 pm Dinner
20:30 Meditation

What’s included?

  • Minimum 3-night accommodation
  • 2 yoga classes daily(1.5 hours each)
  • 2 meditation session a week
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day with refreshments
  • Unlimited water and tea
  • Free time for local excursions
  • Free use of the bicycle
  • Free Wi-Fi

Extra Services (additional fee)

  • Airport pick-up
  • Train station pick-up from Misano
  • Massages
  • Optional tours
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Beauty treatments

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