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Reviews & Testimonials: Starlim India - Rishikesh

““While contemplating where you are going to complete your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), all you can do trust You trust the reviews, you trust the people at the school with whom you communicate, and you trust that traveling the distance to India will be worth the time and money invested. I recently earned my 200-hour certification in Rishikesh, and I can honestly, absolutely, and without hesitation say that it was worth every penny.”

Anne Castagnaro

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“Traveling to India for the first time, I had no idea what to expect and neither did my family and friends. Communicating with the school via email every step of the way provided me reassurance from the very beginning. I signed up to take the taxi, which is done through emailing the school. You do not have to try and set up who you will share a taxi with via Meetup... Starlim India takes care of everything through email correspondence.”

TheUnionHealthProject HP

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“ spent 4 months in Rishikesh starting with a 300 hour TTC to receive my 500 hour certification. Then I spent months at the retreat center. This is as fine a yoga organization as I could ever imagine. The staff is amazing, from the teachers to the food. They even arrange for your Taxi service so you don't have to stress over haggling for overpriced taxis when you arrive in Delhi. I have been teaching some 10 years.”

Matt Tao Ji

Yoga Teacher Training

“Starlim is the best organizatione in India!my personal advice to all who like to be relax on the way towards Rishikesh the best thing you can do is to contact with Starlim India! I'd like to say thanks again for all help from the Starlim India to assist my trips since 10 years to go to Rishikesh! StarlimIndia a legjobb szervezet ami segithet utazasodban Rishikesh fele ahol a Yoga szuletett ! En lassan 10 eve kerem a segitseguket utaim soran amiert ezuton is szeretnek koszonetet mondani tiszta szivembol!”

Timea Vitéz

Yoga Teacher Training

“I was searching for a yoga school in Rishikesh that would provide me with the overall service. With an extensive google search, I came to know that I can choose Starlim India. I contacted the school and they promised me overall service - pickup from New Delhi airport to food and accommodation in the school. The round trip from Delhi Airport to the Yoga School was fantastic - comfortable, safe and exciting. I loved the food. You can choose to eat outside, changing taste is okay, but I always ate in the school talking with teachers and learning more each time.”

Nancy Woolf

Yoga Teacher Training

“My short six weeks at Rishikesh was remarkably transformative. I learned an incredible amount about yoga philosophy and how to extend my practice into my daily life and interactions. I would recommend it to anyone interested in moving away from the ego and exploring their true self. I wish I had learned a bit more about sequencing and leading yoga classes in the 200-hr TTC; however, I immensely value the lessons I learned during my time there.”

Danielle Tidd

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