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Starlim India represents Mahatma Yoga Ashram – Rishikesh as a learning centre for Reiki Courses in India. Mahatma Yoga Ashram conducts Reiki Courses Level I and Level II and the Reiki Master Course. All the daily Reiki classes are 90 minutes long, where time is also provided for self-practice and reflection. Besides the Reiki classes, all the Reiki Courses also include basic meditation, mantra chanting, pranayama and light yoga practice to improve energy flow and to develop awareness of the energy fields. The Reiki courses end with each student receiving a personal initiating session from the Reiki Master, which connects you to the Reiki circle.

Reiki Master Courses in India - Starlim India

Reiki Healing Courses India Mahatma Yoga Ashram

Reiki Course level 1

Level 1 of the Reiki Course at Mahatma Yoga Ashram is held for the duration of five day and no previous experience in Reiki is required for this level.

During the Level 1 course you will learn the art of self-healing where you will be taught to tap into your own energy fields, balance them for self-love.Self–love is required before you can start healing others.

In the “Initiation” carried out by the Reiki master the healing channels are opened and awakened, allowing you to connect with the Reiki energy and become more self-aware, intuitive and confident.

At Level 1 you will be taught origins of Reiki and its principles, chakras and overview of the five element theory of energy, self-healing methods. You will also receive an attunement from the Reiki master. At the end of the Level 1 Reiki Course you will be awarded a First Degree Certificate in Reiki.

Syllabus of Reiki level 1

The starting points of Reiki and its standards
Chakras (energy centers)
Overview of the Five Element theory of energy
How to initiate Reiki energy
Self Healing Method
Attunement in Reiki level 1 by Reiki Master
First Degree certification is given.
Reiki course additionally incorporates essential meditation, mantra reciting, pranayama and light yoga practice for better energy stream and to create attention to the energy field.
If the understudy needs facilitate direction we offer free extra direction upon the completion of Reiki course level 1

Reiki Level 1: Duration 5 Days: $ 350 USD with convenience and three meals for each day.

Reiki Courses India Mahatma Yoga Ashram

Reiki Mastership Course

Reiki Mastership Course at Mahatma Yoga Ashram in India is called Master Level 1 and 2. This course is held for the duration of 21 Days and meant for those who are ready to become Reiki Masters.

The Reiki Master conducting the course decides if you are ready for Reiki Mastership and will accept you for the course only then. You should have completed Reiki Level 1+ 2 and should have practiced some form of healing on others. Another pre- requisite is the 10 days of silence or “Vipassana” for which you will be guided and this service is offered free of cost.

On completing the Vipassana or 10 days of silence you will be permitted to continue with the Reiki Mastership if the Reiki Master agrees.

At the Reiki Master level you will learn how to check and clean aura, how to cultivate Reiki energy so you can heal or attune others. Also you will be taught more Reiki symbols as well as the technique for balancing energy in your body.

At the Reiki Mastership Course you will learn

  • How to teach Level I & initiate others in Level 1 (methodology)
  • How to teach Level 2 & initiate others in Level 2 (methodology)
  • How to check and clean aura
  • Practice of tai –chi, and chi –gong (energy balance)
  • Introduction to pranic and crystal healing
  • Master level symbols and details
  • Attunement in Reiki Mastership from Reiki master
At the end of the successful completion of the Reiki Mastership Course you will be given the Mastership certificate.

Syllabus of Reiki Course

How to teach Level I and start in level 1 (technique)
How to teach Level 2 and start others in Level 2
Method of checking and cleaning aura
The act of tai – chi, and chi – gong (balancing of energy)
Introduction of pranic and crystal healing
Master level images and points of interest
Attunement in Reiki Mastership from Reiki master
Mastership confirmation is given

Reiki course likewise basic meditation, mantra reciting, pranayama and light yoga practice in a positive and quiet condition for better energy stream and to create a consciousness of the energy field

If the researcher needs extra time, we offer to facilitate free from the charge when finishing the course.

21 Days to become Reiki Master: 7 days Reiki Level 1 and 2 + 10 days of Silence retreat + 4 days of Reiki Master Level:: USD 1200

Daily Schedule for Reiki Courses in Rishikesh

» 05:30 a.m. :: Wake Up
» 06:00 a.m. :: Mantra Chanting
» 06:30 - 07:00 a.m. :: Yogic Purification (Mon, Thu)
» 06:30 - 07:00 a.m. :: Pranayama (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat)
» 07:00 a.m. :: Herbal Tea or Juices
» 07:30 - 09:00 a.m. :: Yoga Classes
» 09:00 a.m. :: Breakfast
» 12:30 p.m. :: Lunch
» 03:00 - 04:30 p.m. :: Reiki
» 05:00 - 06:00 p.m. :: Reiki Practice (self)
» 06:15 - 06:45 p.m. :: Ganga Aarti Ceremony
» 07:00 - 08:00 p.m. :: Meditation
» 08:00 p.m. :: Dinner with Group Discussion (Bonfire)
» 09:30 p.m. :: Lights Out

Note: - The seasons of the calendar can change contingent upon climate condition

Inclusion in Reiki Courses - Mahatma Yoga Ashram

Reiki Classes
Yoga classes (Mon-Sat)
Private room with attached bath and free WIFI
Three healthy vegetarian meals every day (vegetarian on demand)
1 Ayurvedic massage for every week
Information, direction administrations for neighborhood touring
River rafting (depending on availability/season)
Day trekking in the lower regions of the Himalayas, Waterfalls

Important Notes:

We have combined yoga classes, reciting, pranayama and meditation classes with yoga retreat into one program.
One can join Reiki level 1, 2 and Master level. For the longer term, if you don't mind please send us a message prior to submitting your application at
Couples can get 10% rebate by sharing a room.

Refund Policy

The deposit submitted with the application isn't refundable. If there should arise an occurrence of crises and other unavoidable conditions, the administration at its attentiveness permits participants to go for some other scheduled course/retreats inside a one-year time period.

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