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Established in 2005, Starlim India is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860, to spread the ancient knowledge of yoga and ayurveda. Since its inception, Starlim India has been involved in spreading the awareness of holistic living with the help of Vedic wisdom in the form of Yoga and Ayurveda. These two eternal streams of ancient knowledge form a comprehensive healing combination to overcome stress and its related problems and further help in the evolution of mankind.

From ancient times, India has been a center of learning Vedic arts. Practicing yoga on regular basis is an effective tool of self-growth as yoga concerns with your body’s mental, respiratory, biological aspects. Prominent health practitioners say that yoga is responsible for eradicating many biological problems like heart-related problems so the field of yoga has undergone an immense change and today being originated as a self-exercise, it has become a successful professional to carry out. There has been large demand of professional yoga practitioners to teach the blessings of yoga to devotees. During the phase of teaching or learning yoga, one has to breathe and live yoga at its utmost level. Yoga offers you various employment opportunities if you become a certified yoga teacher trainer. Moreover, studying yoga in India gives you a chance of exploring this beautiful land and its culture.


Yoga and Meditation Courses in India: Mahatma Yoga Ashram

There are numerous Yoga and Meditation courses in India but we at Starlim India offer you a choice of courses and you can pick one that suits you. We offer affordable residential yoga and meditation courses in India in the traditional hatha yoga style. The principal objective of all our courses is that you benefit from them and take back a positive outlook as you move through your yoga journey.

Yoga and Meditation Courses in India for Beginners

At Starlim India we have one and two weeks yoga and meditation courses for beginners and intermediate level yoga learners. We conduct these yoga and meditation courses to help potential yoga aspirants grasp the rudiments of yoga and meditation before they decide to take it up professionally. At Starlim India we partner with Mahatma Yoga Ashram so that you can learn yoga and meditation among the beautiful ashram surroundings and understand ashram life. Learning yoga can be a transformative experience and the community at the Ashram is very supportive which will fill you with positive energy.


Yoga Meditation Courses for Beginners in Rishikesh, India (2019)

Dates Status Price
➢ 11 Feb 2019 to 24 Feb 2019 Booking Open $ 700 USD
➢ 11 Mar 2019 to 24 Mar 2019 Booking Open $ 700 USD
➢ 08 Apr 2019 to 21 Apr 2019 Booking Open $ 700 USD

Reservation: To reserve your seat you need to pay 20% of total fee as an advance
which will be non refundable and balance can be paid on arrival before you start your course.

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Our one week Yoga Meditation Courses for Beginners in Rishikesh are run throughout the year. To reserve your seat, please send us your joining date & duration of stay and after that you need to pay 20% of the fee as non-refundable deposit.

Daily Schedule: Yoga and Meditation Course in India

» 05:30 a.m. :: Wake Up
» 06:00 a.m. to 06:30 a.m. :: Mantra Chanting
» 07:00 a.m. to 07:30 a.m :: Yogic Purification and breathing Body Movement (Mon, Thur, Sat )
» 07:00 a.m. to 07:30 a.m :: Pranayama (Breathing Exercise on Tue, Wed, Fri)
» 07:30 a.m. :: Herbal Tea or Juices
» 08:00 a.m. to 09:30 a.m. :: Hatha Yoga Classes (Beginners and Intermediate)
» 09:30 a.m. :: Breakfast
» 01:00 p.m. :: Lunch
» 04:30 p.m. to 06:00 p.m. :: Hatha Yoga Classes (Beginners and Intermediate)
» 06:00 p.m. :: Ganga Aarti
» 06:30 p.m. to 07:30 p.m :: Meditation
» 08:00 p.m. :: Dinner with Group Discussion (Bonfire)
» 09:30 p.m. :: Lights Out


Yoga and Meditation Certified Courses in India

For those who wish to continue their yoga and meditation journey, we offer internationally certified 200, 300 and 500 hour residential yoga teacher training certification courses registered with Yoga Alliance. These certified yoga teacher training courses in India fully comply with the standards set by Yoga Alliance. The certified yoga and meditation courses develop a deeper understanding of yoga and meditation and are similar to all certified courses taught at all renowned yoga institutions in India. There has been a large spurt in demand for professionally qualified yoga teachers who can devote their energies to teaching others this ancient science. Learning yoga professionally opens up employment opportunities especially if you are a certified yoga teacher. Moreover, studying yoga in India gives you a chance to explore this beautiful land and its culture.

Yoga and Meditation Courses in India for Health Conscious

We also have yoga and meditation courses for the health conscious people and those of you who wish to incorporate yoga into their daily lifestyles. Here we offer we offer personalized yoga training so that you can learn all about practicing yoga on regular basis as an effective tool for self-growth as well as for physical and mental well-being. Health practitioners always recommend yoga for living a healthy lifestyle and as a measure that prevents diseases especially lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart-related issues. No wonder yoga is called a science and is being practiced by yogis for centuries.

Meditation and Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the World Yoga Capital and Rishikesh is a haven for yoga learners as well as for spiritual and adventure tourists alike. Rishikesh sits in the Himalayan foothills, where the Ganges River flows in all its majesty. The very landscape lends itself to the learning of yoga and you will be left feeling enlightened and rejuvenated. The very atmosphere in Rishikesh works to uplift your spirit because you cannot help being drawn to the spirituality that seeps out from every nook and cranny in Rishikesh. The yoga ashrams and yoga schools here at Rishikesh offer a package so that you learn yoga, visit the numerous spiritual sites and also do not miss out on the fun activities like river rafting, hiking or riverside camping.