Reliable Astrological Software Solutions for Detailed Kundli Making
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Reliable Astrological Software Solutions for Detailed Kundli Making

For Vedic astrologers seeking a robust and dependable software solution to create comprehensive birth charts and kundlis, having advanced astrology software is imperative. With a feature-rich application, astrologers can efficiently generate personalized janam kundalis and perform in-depth analysis to gain crucial insights into their clients’ personalities, compatibility, life events and destiny guidance. A trusted solution used by thousands of astrologers for accurate kundli making is LeoStar software by Future Point.

What is LeoStar Astrology Software?

LeoStar is advanced and intuitive Vedic astrology software developed by Future Point to make kundli preparation efficient for astrologers.

Designed by expert Indian astrologers, LeoStar allows swift and accurate creation of personalized birth charts, horoscopes and predictive reports as per Vedic principles.

With its user-friendly interface, robust astrological computations and customizable configurations, LeoStar simplifies the process of generating janam kundalis for gaining deeper insights into personalities, relationships, compatibility and destiny.

Trusted by thousands of Vedic astrologers globally, LeoStar is feature-rich software to bring efficiency and precision to kundli making.

Key Features of LeoStar

With its user-friendly interface and flexible configurations, LeoStar provides astrologers the ability to:

  • Quickly create accurate birth charts from birth date, time and location
  • Customize chart styles, apply dasha systems, include planetary wars, etc.
  • Analyze the influence of yogas, doshas and planetary placements
  • Generate horoscope matching and marriage compatibility reports
  • Make in-depth life predictions based on the natal charts
  • Print charts and reports in different Indian languages for clients
  • Manage client data easily for future reference

User-Friendly Interface

Designed exclusively for Vedic astrologers, LeoStar has an easy-to-use graphical interface for swift kundli making.

  • Interactive on-screen controls for entering birth details
  • Multiple chart format options – North Indian, South Indian, etc.
  • Built-in database to organize and access client information
  • Convenient report generation and printing facilities

Robust Astrological Calculations

At its core, LeoStar has an advanced astrological computation engine for error-free Vedic analysis.

  • Accurate Charting: LeoStar allows precise birth chart creation with configurable location, timezone and ayanamsa settings for error-free analysis.
  • Dasha Interpretations: It provides detailed Vimshottari Mahadasha and other dasha systems interpretations for forecasting.
  • In-depth Calculations: The software makes comprehensive calculations of yogas, doshas, bindus, vargas as per Vedic guidelines.
  • Planetary Assessments: LeoStar thoroughly evaluates complex parameters like transits, retrogression, planetary wars, exaltations, etc.
  • Astrological Determinations: It figures out ruling planets, favorable gems, numbers, days, colors and other key elements.
  • Powerful Computations: With advanced planetary calculations and accurate charting, LeoStar enables robust astrological examination.
  • Vedic Analysis: Its strong calculation engine ensures precise and reliable kundli preparations as per Vedic principles.

Horoscope Matching and Predictive Tools

LeoStar enables astrologers to check compatibility and make forecasts.

  • Detailed kundli matching with 36 Gun Milan, mangal dosha, etc.
  • Progeny analysis, Rashtakoot matching and marriage suitability scoring
  • Extensive Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha predictions
  • Insightful annual and future predictions basis natal planetary positions
  • Potent rashi predictions based on transits and gochara movements

Customized Reports and Charts

The software generates personalized reports in multiple Indian languages.

  • Multilingual Charts: It generates personalized horoscope charts with aspects analysis in multiple Indian languages.
  • Matching Reports: LeoStar provides compatibility assessment reports analyzing key parameters.
  • Life Predictions: It offers life predictions reports and annual timeline forecasts.
  • Assessments: The software generates health, wealth and marriage assessments.
  • Astro-Guidance: It provides astrological guidance for favorable days, gems, colors, numbers, etc.

LeoStar creates customized reports and charts in Indian languages covering predictions, assessments, compatibility analysis and astrological guidance for clients.

Advanced Functionalities

LeoStar incorporates additional advanced features for astrologers’ requirements.

  • Charts Shodashvarga, Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Ashtakvarga, etc.
  • Planetary longitudes, latitudes, ephemeris and panchang calculations
  • Options for KP, Nadi, Tajik, Bhava, Hora, Var, etc. charting systems
  • Analysis of special lagnas, yogas, karanas, arudhas, Jaimini principles, etc.
  • Regular updates by Future Point’s expert team on latest astrology principles

Trusted by Thousands of Astrologers

Developed under the guidance of renowned astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal, LeoStar is trusted worldwide by Vedic astrologers for accurate kundli making and comprehensive analysis.

With its unparalleled features, precision, flexibility and intuitive interface, LeoStar enables astrologers to gain greater insights from janam kundalis through efficient preparations and detailed study. By leveraging LeoStar’s strengths, astrologers are able to deliver higher value to clients. In summary, LeoStar is a reliable and feature-rich Vedic astrology software solution used globally by astrology experts for in-depth kundli making and examination. For robust technology to bring more speed, efficiency and accuracy to astrological practice, LeoStar is an ideal choice.

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